[from the producers of house of cards, and the director of nbc’s kings]

It is a story that every child in Albion knows—at a round table of steel and glass, four kings signed their loyalty to a boy of barely twenty-four, clutching a DNA test that proclaimed him king of all the Britons. It is a story every child knows because around the table grew Camelot, Albion’s glittering capitol city, and around the boy grew High King Arthur Pendragon, who united the four warring kingdoms of East Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, and Wessex under his banner, for the sake driving out the Saxon invaders and restoring peace.

And after ten long years, many bloody campaigns, and more defense spending than they had anticipated—that peace has come. Yet though the High King returns triumphant to the halls of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon finds himself a stranger—to the queen he barely knows, though she has ruled in his stead; to his people, who look to him as more than a glorified soldier, and expect more than he knows how to give; and to all the cultural and social levers of power that govern the world away from the battlefield. 

Yet Arthur is determined to forge something true from all the blood and sacrifice he has witnessed—even if it means surrendering to the myth, and the twenty-four hour news cycle in the process.

nonso anozie as king arthur pendragon
lupita nyong’o as queen guinevere
michael ealy as sir lancelot “lance” lake
angela bassett as the princess morgause margot

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