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I mean, think about it—Science as a mean drunk, taking vicious pleasure in pointing out all of Scifi’s inaccuracies; Scifi sitting there silently with thinned lips and arms crossed, refusing to return fire. (Because it’s not like Science doesn’t have flaws Scifi could bring up—who is it that forgets to bring passion to this relationship, huh? Who gets too laser-focused on methodology and publishpublishpublish, on sigfigs and minute changes on screens, and forgets that once you stared up at the stars or down into microscope and went, oh; went, more. Well, Science? Well?)

Imagine them working together (because they do they always have, sparks and tinder) Scifi scrolling through the latest Nature articles for inspiration as Science tries to design an experiment; Science harassing Scifi as its trying to bang out a new chapter. Both of them subsist on coffee and ramen, and doodle in the edges of notebooks when they’re supposed to be listening to lab managers or agents.

Imagine them in bed (because sparks and tinder—then the fire) Scifi traces the wave functions of Science’s body, and once on Science’s birthday (they never decided when that was, and humanity doesn’t remember—it was so long ago) Scifi put on a show, naming all the bones in the body in Latin, yeah baby.

(Although that one is sort of for both of them, since they agree on names—for different reasons, of course. For Science, they order the universe, family-genus-species all laid out, ions rendered ides or ates according to their nature. But Scifi spends a lot of time with Fantasy, and a little something has rubbed off—an almost mystic respect for names, for quantum breathed like it means philosopher’s stone; for lightyear and God particle and photon. But then again, for both of them it comes down to the power of the name, to build worlds on it.)

And Science runs its fingertips along Scifi’s shoulder, listening to it talk about the ethics of organ transplantation and personhood in the context of transhumanism and humanity’s place in a galaxy of other intelligent species—

You’re so soft, Science marvels.

You know you love it, Scifi laughs in return.

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