a glory of angels

A (not at all comprehensive) guide to the portrayals of angels, from Biblical to comedic, and how to research your friendly terrifying representations of divinity. Please note, I cannot vouch for the quality or reliability of all these sources, this is meant to simply be a compilation.



  • his dark materials trilogy (philip pullman)
  • good omens (terry pratchett and neil gaiman)
  • a wind in the door (madeleine l’engle)
  • the vintner’s luck (elizabeth knox)
  • the glory days (isobelle carmody)
  • daughter of smoke and bone (laini taylor)
  • the space trilogy (cs lewis)
  • angelology (danielle trussoni)
  • skellig (david almond)
  • angel fire series (andrew greely)


  • wings of desire (1987)
  • touched by an angel (1994-2003)
  • the prophecy (1995)
  • michael (1996)
  • city of angels (1998)
  • dogma (1999)
  • constantine (2005)
  • supernatural (2005-present)
  • gabriel (2007)
  • legion (2010)


  • angels in late ancient christianity (ellen muehlberger)
  • from gabriel to lucifer: a cultural history of angels (valery rees)
  • heaven and its wonders and hell from things heard and seen (emanuel swedenborg)

[many thanks to my followers who contributed and this post by dottewa, which helped point me in the right direction when it came to crowley and thelemite literature]

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