list your favorite YA heroines? :)

Oh man, anything with a girl and a sword, or a girl who dressed as a boy to do something historically masculine, and I was there. The whole array of Tamora Pierce’s heroines were the best for that—my favorite was Daine, who got the magic and the talking to animals and the hot teacher and being the daughter of the god. But I loved Alanna too, and the books about Aly on the Copper Isles.

Then you had Hermione Granger, and Sabriel and Lirael—I love loved the Bartimaeus Trilogy and revolutionary Kitty; GAIL CARSON LEVINE oh man, I loved all her books, that was the year of the princesses and Cimorene, darling Dealing with Dragons is the best thing, everyone should read it—then I was really big into scifi for a while, so I read Scott Westerfeld, who is pretty good at writing for teenage girls for a male author…I got into vampires then, and that was Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, who also did really great shapeshifter books, I was into that a lot.

There are a lot more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I firmly believe that everyone should read lots of impossible 16 year olds (of every race, creed, sexuality and gender) saving the world when they’re in middle and high school, so that you can write lots of amazing 16 year old OCs saving the world through high school.

And then once you get to college, write lots of impossibly great twenty-eight year old OCs. Presumably until you’re twenty-eight, and then you can just keep aging them up until the “saving the world” isn’t a fantasy anymore, it’s a reality.

10/10 would lifestyle again.

the older I get, the more I look back on my favorite YA heroines with a growing sense of protective mothering, like I want to gather them all up in my arms and go “you did what when you were sixteen? oh no, get back inside, Chosen One or whatever you’re going by these days, let me swaddle you in blankets and we can eat some chocolate and I’ll tell you how you’re great without having to fulfill the prophecy.”

"…leave your sword and love triangle outside, thank you"


30 day Tolkien Challenge: 

Day 9: Favorite member of the fellowship?  Boromir




A Discworld/GoT crossover: in which Sam Vimes basically just arrests everyone and that’s it that’s the show

sybil as the mother of dragons 

havelock vetinari taking the iron throne and then immediately getting up because it’s so uncomfortable and asking for a chair 

i’d watch it 

the dire wolves don’t much care for Angua, all in all
from north of the wall comes cohen the barbarian, but there’s not much to do thanks to vetinari’s quite efficient reign from the throne, so he wanders off again

I started getting interested in poetry recently, so I'd like to know who are your favorite poets. In addition, could you recommend me some poets who write about the same topics you write (mythology, angels, apocalypse, etc.)? And what is your personal opinion about Yeats and William Blake?

My poetry tag is how does one word?

I generally don’t care much for the Romantics, though William Blake gets a pass for The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and Songs of Innocence.

sarah, did you finish watching reign? i just have questions i want to ask you because your opinions are as great as drinking water

Yep, I finally finished the first season! Also, I just watched the first two episodes of season 2 where I sighed longingly about Craig Parker and his magical transformation from chubby elf boyfriend to hot dad with the artful stubble..

Ask away.


Fan Bingbing & Zhang Fengyi in ‘The Empress of China’ (2015).


Fan Bingbing & Zhang Fengyi in ‘The Empress of China’ (2015).

hey tumblr I had my inaugural apartment party tonight, even if it was just me and a couple friends sitting on the carpet, watching Love Never Dies with frozen wine concoctions and keeping a snarky running commentary.

but in case no one was told you lately, humans are great, hopeful creatures of water and air and desire for flight, and also grit, and rawhide leather, and things harder to fall apart.

not really sure where I’m going with this but you are small and pinkish brownish thing with soft hair all over your body and lifeblood running too close to your skin, and you are a marvel.






oh god I forgot how long they dragged luke/lorelei out for this is interminable I will die without setting foot in the promised land

the relationship between lorelei and rory is still driving me ever so slightly nuts, but god the relationship between lorelei and emily will never not break my heart, it is so very very real, painful and bitter and rife with disappointment, miscommunication, and the aching desire for love on both sides.

Emily hates learning about lorelei’s initial steps away from her, but is fascinated by it, like picking at old scars, but she’s also so scared of losing her daughter again, and she really doesn’t understand lorelei any better than when they started. And lorelei holds so much anger and bitterness about her childhood, she knows emily so well and all the ways emily can’t give her what she needs, but she’s still her mother, lorelei wants her approval even though she knows she’s not going to fit into emily’s world.

I just love them, every moment of them, when emily asks mia for the pictures of lorelei’s time at the inn, and when lorelei purposefully hangs out with her mother because she knows she and richard are fighting, and when they go shopping for rory’s birthday gift, when lorelei (drunkenly) demands of her mother why she can’t be happy for her engagement, when they collude over lorelei the first, when they fight, apologize—it’s an evolving, two steps forward one step back, and that is…yeah.

come, any of you who have lost a brothera kings ‘everyone is ladies’ au

eliza taylor as cpt. danielle shepherd // harriet walter as queen seila benjamin // angela bassett as queen rose cross benjamin // ashley madekwe as princess michelle benjamin // zoe kravitz as princess jackie benjamin // thandie newton as willa cross // octavia spencer as the reverend e. samuels // rena sofer as thomasina // hannah simone as katrina ghent //

Where did you learn so much of the Mughal Empire?

The internet, mostly. Books, the rest of the time.